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Cox's Bazar | Rohingya Refugee Response - Child Protection Focal Point: Terms of Reference (August 2021)



In mid-December 2017, the Child Protection Sub-Sector (CPSS) in Cox’s Bazar introduce “Child Protection Focal Point” system to coordinate CPSS camp level activities. This system has contributed to strengthening coordination and maintain a clear flow of information between the CPSS and the camp coordination structures. It has also contributed to a stronger referral mechanism in the camps as well as addressing children’s evolving needs and enhancing coordination for effective child protection response. The focal points have continued to coordinate with different stakeholders including children and caregivers, Child Protection actors; Protection focal points; GBV Focal Points, other sector focal points, CiCs and CIC support staff, APBN, law enforcement agencies and communities. Furthermore, CPFPs have been a strong pillar in emergency preparedness and response for child protection.


The specific objectives of child protection focal points are

  1. Support child protection by engaging all the sectors in the humanitarian response in line with the Joint Response Plan (JRP) at field level

  2. Improve child protection coordination among child protection actors, other sectors and agencies including government at camp level.

  3. Strengthen referral including to case management staff for all children

To realize this, the CPSS will ensure integration of child protection principles in all sectors to improve delivery of services that enhances safety, upholds dignity, and promotes and protects the rights of beneficiaries in line with the “DO NO HARM” principle and Best Interests of the Child. The Child Protection Sub-Sector will provide trainings, and technical guidance on child protection mainstreaming staff and partners across all sectors. This will be replicated by CPFPs wherever possible at camp level with field staff and volunteers.