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Cox’s Bazar | Rohingya Refugee Response: Terms of Reference, Child Protection Sub Sector Cox’s bazar


Introduction: The Child Protection Sub-Sector (CPSS) in Cox’s Bazar work towards preventing and responding to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence committed against all children in Rohingya response including host community of all ages, genders, abilities and disabilities through the provision of effective and timely child protection coordination, contributing towards a more predictable, accountable, and dignified humanitarian response in Cox’s Bazar.

Child Protection Overview: Children living in Cox’s Bazar (camps and host communities) face a number of protection risks and challenges that reflect their different vulnerabilities, needs, strengths, and capacities depending on a number of intersecting factors, such as age, gender, disability, and other relevant diversity factors. Many child protection concerns have existed within this response. These concerns are- mental health and psychosocial distress, violence in the home, neglect, child marriage, sexual violence, child trafficking, child labour and children in contact with the law.