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COVID-19: Preparedness and response for the Rohingya refugee camps and host communities in Cox’s Bazar District Weekly Update #14 | 14 June 2020

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40 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the camps, of 1,772 cases in the District.

13 Rohingya refugees in quarantine who have been in contact with a COVID-19 suspect or confirmed case, and 2,220 host community individuals in quarantine.

2,229 older persons and 221 persons with disabilities in the camps received key COVID-19 messages

3 Rohingya refugee fatalities due to COVID19, and 27 host community fatalities.

29 Rohingya refugees in isolation who are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 1,217 host community individuals in isolation.

13,976 learners and caregivers were provided with COVID-19 education support at the household level