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Child Protection Sub-Sector Strategy: Cox's Bazar



The Child Protection Sub-Sector (CPSS) in Cox's Bazar work towards preventing and responding to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence committed against all children in Bangladesh, of all ages, genders, abilities and disabilities - through the provision of effective and timely child protection coordination, contributing towards a more predictable, accountable, and dignified humanitarian response in Cox's Bazar.

The CPSS is composed of over 30 partner organisations, including the Government of Bangladesh, represented by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and the Department of Social Services (DSS), as well as local organisations, UN agencies, and international NGOs. The CPSS is coordinated by Unicef, guided by the leadership of its Strategy Advisory Group, and supported by several Technical Working Groups. CPSS partners work across Cox's Bazar district, delivering services to both refugees and host communities. The CPSS works closely with the Gender-based Violence Sub-Sector and the Protection Working Group as part of the broader protection sector within the Rohingya humanitarian response.

This strategy will guide the CPSS in its actions and plans in the coming years. As a living document it will be re-visited annually and adapted as needed, while providing a platform for the longer-term planning and thinking that sustainable and impactful child protection programmes require. It will serve as the foundation for response and activity planning, as well as guide advocacy and fundraising activities with a variety of stakeholders. The strategy was developed through broad on line consultations undertaken with CPSS partners and key stakeholders throughout 2021.