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CARE Australia launches South Asia disaster appeal

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20 million people affected by the flooding and half of Bangladesh underwater.

CARE Australia has launched an emergency appeal to provide life saving assistance to the survivors the current flooding in South Asia.

With severe monsoon weather and disastrous floods affecting more than 20 million people across South Asia, CARE is mobilizing its resources and providing emergency relief in some of the most seriously affected regions in Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

In Pakistan, CARE began an emergency humanitarian response after cyclone Yemyin hit the country with torrential rains on June 23. The storm has destroyed more than 80,000 houses and left an estimated 371,000 people homeless. The lack of shelter and safe drinking water are threatening spread of disease and severe malnutrition. CARE Australia has contributed $250,000 to provide high energy nutritional food, especially to women and children, and has helped install emergency sanitary facilities.

In Bangladesh, after rains left nearly half of the country underwater and threatened its capital, Dhaka, CARE joined in search and rescue operations and food distribution efforts. CARE is helping to reach 25,000 flood affected families, and is sending 20 teams with medical supplies into the affected areas.

In Nepal, where floods and landslides have affected nearly half the country and an estimated 270,000 people, CARE has begun distributing dry food rations to some of the country's poorest communities. CARE is working to prevent the outbreak of disease and to provide clean drinking water, basic shelter materials and emergency food rations to 3,575 affected families.

In India, which has been hit with the worst floods in a decade, CARE is working with partners to provide emergency relief to more than 20,000 people in West Bengal, another 30,000 in Orissa and nearly 11,000 people in Bihar-a region where CARE is present and runs several development programs in partnership with the local Governments.

CARE estimates that the emergency and early recovery phases of its response for the four countries will cost more than $5 million. CARE is appealing for donations to provide both immediate and long-term assistance.

'CARE appeals to the generosity of Australians who have supported CARE in its life saving work so well in the past in times of humanitarian crisis,' said Dr. Robert Glasser CEO of CARE Australia.

Donations can be made through CARE Australia by calling 1800 020 046 or donate now.

CARE Australia is the country's largest non-political, non-religious overseas aid organisation.

For interviews or for further information please contact: Kimberlee Philip 0419 567 777.

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