Bangladesh WASH Sector Cox's Bazar Situation Report and Operational Presence Map - January 2019

from Inter Sector Coordination Group
Published on 31 Jan 2019 View Original

Cumulative Indicators

893,551 people (disaggregated by sex and age) in settlements benefitting from safe water to agreed standards and meeting demand for domestic purposes (15 litres per person per day) (1,100 beneficiaries more in the last two weeks)

1,025,424 people who have received a WASH hygiene kit and/or a top up kit and/or a voucher (1,206 beneficiaries more in the last two weeks)

814,116 women, men, children in settlements who are benefitting from functional latrines to agreed standards (4,406 beneficiaries more in the last two weeks)

Sector achievements

• 760,896 people in camps and 53,220 Bangladeshis in host communities continue to access functional latrines operated, maintained and cleaned by the Sector.

• 5,626 latrines were dislodged during the reporting period (cumulative total: 103,854).

• During the reporting period, operation, care and maintenance is ongoing for about 644 additional latrines of the cummulative 48,779 functional latrines.

• An International consultant for WASH Sector – Integrating Gender GBV & Inclution has conducted 3 workshops (with WASH Sector Leaders, SanitationHygiene TWG and Water TWG), and several field visits with sector lead agencies in Gender and inclusion programming. A roadmap is underway for improved WASH provision in gender, inclusion and incontinence.

• Joint government (DPHE) and the WASH Sector visited 5 of the 8 water reservoirs Teknaf area in the ongoing bid to improve water supply and prepare for Teknaf dry season water challenges.

Gaps and Constraints

• Sector partners continue to face challenges in securing necessary shipment and customs clearances for specialized equipment for water and fecal sludge testing, solar power equipment and accessories.

• The new road plans, selection for institutional space like CiC offices or security watch towers have often affected planned water pipeline design.