Bangladesh: WASH Sector Cox's Bazar Situation Report and Operational Presence Map - 12 November 2017


  • 1.2 Million in need of immediate WASH support

  • Overall target* for the WASH Sector: 1,166,000 individuals

  • Number of people reached** with WASH assistance to date: 566,416 individuals

  • Total approx. gap for the WASH Sector: 599,584 individuals


Based on the Humanitarian Response Plan the current target of the WASH Sector is 1,166,000, out of which 853,309 are targeted for Water, 914,899 for Sanitation and 1,166,000 for Hygiene. There is a continuous new influx of refugees resulting in the increase in population at multiple sites which is overloading existing WASH facilities due to heavy use In addition these new arrivals are in urgent need of WASH NFI’s (jerrycans for storage/ transportation of water). To reduce the public health risk, there are large number of nonfunctional latrines and tube wells need to be decommission and repaired/relocated. Reception areas near the crossing points close to border area have very limited safe water and sanitation facilities. The new arrivals are receiving bottled water (1.5 litres) and sector partners have provided mobile sanitation facilities. The existing public health conditions in the different camps and makeshift settlements are currently unsatisfactory due to poor sanitation facilities, poor water quality, space limitation and terrain, this combined with the increased population, has greatly increased the risk of serious public health hazards. As a part of AWD preparedness and response plans sector partners are prepositioning contingency supplies which includes water purification tablets, chlorine powder and NFI kit, in addition to continuing to meet immediate needs for hygiene kits. WASH and health sector partners will be jointly visiting different sites/camps to select appropriate locations for setting up DTC/DTU’s.