Bangladesh: Terms of Reference of the Humanitarian Coordination Task Team (HCTT) 2012



The LCG Working Group on Disaster and Emergency Response (DER) is strengthening its ability to respond to the need for a better coordination of disaster management in Bangladesh. The LCG DER includes representation of all key stakeholders and is the central forum for Government and its partners to take strategic decisions and share ideas and information on disaster management. Being one of many thematic working groups of the LCG, the DER is mandated to ensure effective coordination of the national and international stakeholders in the broader scope of disaster management (risk reduction, preparedness, relief/response, and recovery/rehabilitation).
In this context, it is important to leverage and build on the full potential of GoB/Development Partners Joint Cooperation Strategy/LCG relevant thematic working groups —which are linked up to government’s development planning and coordination framework—as well as the several already‐ existing humanitarian coordination forums. The link with the LCG working groups can ensure full‐cycle disaster management (including Disaster Risk Reduction) by strengthening links to development cooperation between development partners and GoB (JCS/LCG), and GoB’s major planning instruments (the 6th Five Year Plan and Outline Perspective Plan). This link increases focus, efficiency and reduces the possibility of duplication of efforts in different fora.
The Standing Orders on Disasters (SODs) outline the way the government will respond to large scale disasters; the role of the DER is seen as being one of ensuring that the efforts of the international humanitarian community and non‐government actors are coordinated within themselves as well as with government efforts.