Bangladesh storm relief

FHI plans to aid families who lost their homes to the April 14 tornados in northern Bangladesh.
The severe storms killed at least 77 people and left thousands of families homeless in Mymensingh and Netrakona districts, areas near current FHI work zones. FHI staff assessing the storm damage noted that families lacked both materials and labour needed to reconstruct their homes. "Many of the men work away from home in garment factories in Dhaka, or are harvesting land in other parts of Bangladesh at present," said FHI Bangladesh Country Director John Marsden. "In both cases to leave this work and go home to help their families means a loss of their livelihood, which they cannot afford."

FHI therefore is not only providing cash to purchase construction supplies, but is also organising volunteers to build houses both in Netrokona and in Haluaghat, in Mymensingh district. The volunteer teams, made up of both Christian and non-Christian members working side by side, are affiliated with an ongoing FHI initiative called the Mymensingh Family Values Project. FHI hopes that the volunteer workers will be able to construct a total of 30 houses for a group of highly needy families.

Additionally FHI plans to provide replacement textbooks and other educational materials to 100 children.