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Bangladesh: SMEP Site Maintenance Engineering Project - Weekly External Report (18 June 2018)

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In Numbers

  • 4 soil stabilisation activities totalling about 150m and 6 interventions in different locations took place this week with 400 CFW.

  • 2 bamboo bridges totalling about 70m were built as part of Repair and Recovery activities.

  • 10 MSUs in use and 6 to be handed over to the Log Sector at Madhu Chara Logistics Hub.

  • 30 prefabs were erected in Madhu Chara Log hub and 17 new ones (accommodation and ablution units) were ordered.


  • Camp Extension: 78 families were relocated. Houses plots were demarcated for 1000 households and houses construction is on going. More than 100 drainages channels and bamboo bridges were built.

  • Repair and Recovery: SMEP team intervened quickly during heavy rain falls which started on 10 June. Engineers and workers were deployed on different part of Kutupalong Camp and outside to repair roads, culverts, bridges and channels.

  • Madhu Chara Logistics hub: The hub is partly operational while still under construction. Appx 85 % completion. SMEP standby partner IHP is participating to the construction of the accommodation and office section of the hub.