Bangladesh – Severe Weather (DG ECHO, IOM, Bangladesh Meteorological Department, FFWC) (ECHO Daily Flash of 12 June 2018)

  • Severe weather, including thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds continue to affect Rohingya refugee camps over the weekend in Cox’s Bazar.

  • More than 59 incidents, among others landslides, waterlogging, extreme wind, lightning strikes and flooding, affected over 9 000 people in Rohingya camp. Official reports mentioned, as of 11 June, that five people have been injured in Rohingya camp, 1 000 people have been displaced, of which over 780 in Unchiprang camp (Teknaf sub-district, Chittagong Division) and another 220 in Rohingya camp. The main road inside Rohingya camp has been shut down for 48 hours due to damages.

  • Over the next 24 hours, more thunderstorms and heavy rain may occur over several areas of the country. Bangladesh Meteorological Department has issued a heavy rainfall warning over Barisal, Chattogram and Sylhet divisions. It also reported inland riverports warning for eastern and south-eastern areas of the country, including an inland riverport warning signal number two for Cox's Bazar.