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Bangladesh – Rohingya Response Operation Overview, December 2019

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In 2019, the Logistics Sector continues to work with partners to address common logistics gaps and challenges in Cox’s Bazar and ensure an efficient humanitarian response. The Rohingya response strategy maintains focus on strengthening collaboration amongst partners, facilitating access to common logistics services, synchronising logistics decisions, producing and sharing key information, and supporting partners’ logistics operations. To support effective decision making, the Logistics Sector has provided technical logistics advice and assisted with access to facilities for organisations facing supply chain challenges.

Operational Highlights

  • In December, more than 3,048 m3 (1029 mt) of relief items were stored on behalf of 16 organisations in Madhu Chara, Balukhali, and Teknaf logistics hubs in Cox’s Bazar district.
  • The Logistics Sector launched its 2019 Year End Satisfaction Survey to collect data on all Logistics Sector activities: coordination, information management, common storage provision, and preparedness. The survey is one of the main monitoring tools for Logistics Sector performance.
  • A total of 126 km of roads inside the camps have been assessed by the Logistics Sector team. The final product of the road assessment will be the shapefile data and geospatial information to help partners with mapping and planning.
  • The Food Security Sector, Shelter Sector, Site Management Sector, and Logistics Sector held a meeting to align communication with partners regarding the truck payload limitation inside the camp implemented by the Armed Forced Division (AFD).