Bangladesh - Rohingya Refugee Crisis Joint Response Plan March – December 2018

to assist
485 000 people

FAO requires
USD 22.4 million

March – December 2018

Since 25 August 2017, 688 000 Rohingya refugees escaping violence and persecution in Myanmar have settled in camps, settlements and within host communities in Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh, bringing the total number of refugees in the area to more than 900 300.


FAO is working with partners in the Food Security Sector to:

• Ensure and sustain timely provision of life-saving and life-sustaining assistance for Rohingya refugees and host communities.

• Promote, enhance and strengthen livelihoods and self-reliance opportunities of local host communities and Rohingya refugees through social and economic empowerment, including strengthening of community-based infrastructures such as markets.