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Bangladesh: Rohingya Emergency Response EWARS Epidemiological Bulletin W1 2018, 09 January 2018

Situation Report
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Highlights W1 2018:

  1. A total population of 728,786 (84%) is under surveillance. 139 (88%) of health facilities enrolled.

  2. Completeness of reporting was 48% (67/144 health facilities).

• Action: all partners requested to submit reports and to ask for support if needed.

  1. A total of 37 alerts were reported, of which 68% were verified.

• 25 suspected measles/rubella alerts triggered (total of 106 cases). All reported to have met the clinical case definition of measles and treated symptomatically. Ongoing measles transmission camps highly likely. Majority of cases referred to, or seen at, SCI, MSF and Ukhia UHC. No sample collection done.

• Action: review guidance and lab protocol for measles case investigation and specimen collection in the camps.

• 5 indicator-based alerts and 1 event-based alert due to acute jaundice syndrome reported. Weekly reports from Zones EE, PP SS, TT. MTI reported a cluster of 7 cases from same block in Block G, Zone EE.

• Action: AJS risk assessment and case investigation planned on 11 Jan 2018.

• 2 suspected AFP cases reported from BDRCS (Zone YY) and IHA (Jamtoli). Both referred to Ukhia UHC, but further investigation and sample collection not possible and cases lost to follow up.

• Action: review lab protocols for AFP stool sample collection in camps.

• 4 suspected haemorrhagic fever alerts (Zones SS and TT) were discarded upon verification due to reporting errors. No further action needed.

• 1 EBS report of mumps (3 cases, 2 different blocks B55 and F20, no epi-link). Treated symptomatically. no further action needed.

• 1 EBS report of bloody diarrhoea (3 cases, 3 blocks (C2, E5, G53), observed blood in stool, no epi-link).
Given oral antibiotics. No further action needed.

• 1 EBS report of suspected diphtheria cases (2 cases, G57 and G53, referred to IOM DTC). No further action needed.