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Bangladesh Refugee Emergency: Key Protection messages


Key protection messages

The world has witnessed the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis in decades, with over 600,000 refugees fleeing Myanmar in just three months. UNHCR is supporting the Government and people of Bangladesh, who have generously kept their borders and homes open to refugees, to assist and protect refugees, and to find durable solutions to their plight.

The Bangladesh refugee emergency is a textbook refugee crisis.

Words matter. The men and women fleeing Myanmar are refugees. As refugees, people fleeing persecution and violence in Myanmar are protected from refoulement, which means that they cannot be forcibly sent back to their country as long as it is not safe. Refugees have the right to return to their original home voluntarily, in dignity and safety. The refugee status of Rohingya refugees is intrinsically linked to a situation of statelessness in Myanmar, which has deprived them of their identity and of the right to belong to a State which entails protection, rights and services. The fundamental rights of Rohingya refugees must be addressed to bring about any durable solutions. Registration, including birth registration, for all refugees, is critical. UNHCR is conducting a family counting exercise, adapted to assistance provision, and is working towards a joint and harmonized database to meet several purposes such as biometric identity management, protection and assistance needs, and solutions for refugees.