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Bangladesh Red Crescent Society - Population Movement Operation (PMO), Cox's Bazar, Monthly Report, July 2019


Context Analysis

745,000 people, displaced from Myanmar since 2017, living in mega camps of congested makeshift shelters, are likely to be affected by recent and forecasted heavy rainfall. Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) in Cox’s Bazar conducted a rapid damage assessment in July after the heavy rains from 3 to 12 August 2019. It reported that 50,840 camp people, approximately 6,321 of whom were temporarily displaced by flooding and waterlogging. 10,300 shelters and 1,056 facilities were damaged that required repair.

The group warned that slope failure, flash flooding and wind would be going to continue for the next two months before the South-Western Monsoon ends, with the possibility of periods of heavy rainfall. Sandy slopes, watersheds and still limited vegetation create areas of risk and potential damage to shelter, buildings and infrastructure in the entire mega camp. If heavy rains and severe weather continue for more than four days in a row, cumulative impacts could outpace camp level capacity to maintain access and repair infrastructure and shelters.

Like last year, Govt. of Bangladesh and Myanmar planned to repatriate 3,450 displaced people to be taken place 22 July 2019. According to Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) Mohammad Abul Kalam stated that none of the listed people had expressed willingness to go back to their country. However, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh still hopeful that the repatriation would begin.

A press release related of current repatriation attempt has been issued by MOFA/GoB on 25 August which can be accessed at