Bangladesh Red Crescent Society - Population Movement Operation (PMO), Cox's Bazar, Monthly Situation Report 57, February 2020

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Context Analysis

The 2020 Joint Response Plan (JRP) was launched on 3 March in Geneva and attended by the UNHCR High Commissioner, IOM DG, the State Minister of Bangladesh's Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the Executive Director of BRAC and 3 members of the guest community. Main changes to the JRP for 2020 include the addition of the Strategic Objective (#04) on “Working towards achieving sustainable solutions in Myanmar” (mainly focused on education and skills development). The plan also confirmed top-line numbers of 855,000 (round up of the 854,704 people registered in camps the government/UNHCR joint registration process), overall, 1.3 million, and 444,000 host community.

More immediate operational concerns during the month of March have centred around the global threat of the Corona Virus (nCOV) and the risk it poses to the camps. High level coordination efforts co-facilitated by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and World Health Organisation (WHO) in Bangladesh are ongoing, and both internal and interagency planning in Cox’s Bazar is well underway (this includes scenario planning, preparedness and response planning, business continuity planning and contingency planning).