Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Monthly Activity May-June 2014

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Administration Department

The Department distributed Identity Card to BDRCS officials at National Headquarters (NHQ), Units, Maternal Care Hospital, Blood Donation Centre and others aiming to increase accessibility of BDRCS officials to other institutions whenever needed. A total of 300 officials were covered till the reporting month against the target of 478. Besides, 208 visiting cards had also been prepared and distributed against the target of 220 to the staff of the BDRCS till date.

In this reporting period, the Department prepared 10 day roster for guards and security persons in order to ensure office and asset security. Different official documents like office orders, circulars and notice had been distributed among the staff at NHQ BDRCS. Apart from theses, the Department undertook various routine works like, providing an absent statement of the BDRCS staff to the Accounts Department for preparing monthly staff salary. Bills for electricity and Robi Telecom had also been prepared and submitted to the Accounts Department for taking necessary action regarding this issue. 8 May (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society) was observed in this month. In this reporting period conference room of the society and office room of the Admin Department was painted.


  • Distributed 300 Identity cards and 208 visiting cards to BDRCS staff

  • Prepared roster for security guards

  • Extended support to Accounts staff salary and other

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) Programme

The programme staff conducted school sessions with the student and teachers of the school in the intervention areas. A total of 37 out of 39 sessions were conducted that covered 1439 people including 617 male and 822 female. The sessions, mostly focused on various aspects of disaster risk reduction, climate change related and also on pre-dominant hazards in the community. Based on the discussion, the students also received awards (3 students in each session) in order of merit after evaluating the knowledge through a quiz competition on the learning. The participant had come to know the conventional hazards of Bangladesh, causes of climate change and household level disaster preparedness. However, the programme could not conduct the session in Dhandia High School, Uttar Sharsha, Satkhira due to summer vacation in the school.

During this month, a total of 79 out of 80 courtyard sessions were conducted with micro groups to exchange their view on DRR and ongoing programme activities. Total 2419 people including 634 male and 1785 female were covered through this initiative. Moreover, quiz competitions were organized based on the learning of each session and one participant from each group was awarded. Participant acquired knowledge on water logging, importance of social ranking and also perceived the necessity of DREF (Disaster Response Emergency Fund) results.

DREF, in order to strengthen the capacity of CDMC for small -scale emergency relief operations, has been established in 4 communities of Jamalpur district and Charfession upazila (Bhola).

Monthly money (BDT 5) collection continued at household level in the intervention areas. Total 4595 BDT (including 1220 in Charfession and 3375 in Jamalpur) was collected from 919 households (out of 1566 HHs) under 4 communities.

CBDRR Programme conducted social ranking, to categorize the household considering their strength and weakness in terms of livelihood assets, in 3 communities (2 in Jamalpur, 1 in Jessore). A total of 90 Participants covering 42 male and 38 female oriented about the objectives and process of social ranking through the orientation program.

The programme conducted pre-assessment for the beneficiary selection in three communities named Kulkandi, Makhoner Char of Jamalpur and Sheikhpura community of Jessore. Ky objective was to repair and install sanitary latrine for ensuring health and hygiene practice in the community. A total of 110 households for Kulkandi and 113 for Makhoner Char community of Jamalpur and 380 households for Sheikhpura community were preliminary identified. Besides, 62 households for Kulkandi and 62 for Makhoner Char community of Jamalpur and 81 for Kathaltola community of Jessore were primarily identified for providing support for repairing shelter.

The survey had been conducted in 2 new communities (Char mother and Kolatoli) of the CBDRR program in the Bhola district. A structured questionnaire and FGD cheek list were used to complete the task. A group of 5 facilitators (APO and 4 RCY) conducted the survey that covers 800 households including 395 in Motaher and 405 in Kolatoli.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) has successfully been conducted in the 2 new communities (Char Motaher and Kolatoli) of CBDRR Programme under the districts of Bhola. A group of 6 facilitators conducted the assessment.

As a regular activity, monthly meeting with Programme Implementation Committee (PIC) members, coordination meeting with Community Disaster Management Team (CDMC) members, bi-monthly coordination meeting with Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) members, consultancy meeting on health service and bi-monthly coordination meeting with Unit Disaster Management Committee (UDMC) were conducted as part of awareness raising and accountability.


  • Conducted 37 school sessions that cover 1439 people

  • Conducted 79 courtyard session with the micro group that covers 2419 people

  • Collected 4595 BDT from 919 households under 4 communities for the DREF

  • Conducted Social ranking at 3 programme communities

  • Identified 603 households for providing support for repairing and installing toilets and 205 for house repairing

  • Conducted household survey in 2 new communities that covers 800 households

  • Conducted VCA in 2 new communities under Bhola District