Bangladesh – Landslides and Floods (BMD, Media, Ministry of Disaster, DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 20 June 2017)

  • At least five more people have died in fresh landslides, raising the death toll to 164. Many more are injured, in need of life saving assistance or still missing. More than 6 000 people are taking refuge in 42 shelters.

  • The rain has also caused severe flooding in low-lying areas, with significant damage to road and communications infrastructure. Some remote communities remain cut off since 13 June.

  • Rescue operations have formally ended. The district administration had assured that there is enough food for the next 15 days, but the only highway serving the area is severely damaged by the landslides. It will require several weeks for it to be fully functional again.

  • According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, the monsoon system will remain fairly active over Bangladesh. Heavy to very heavy rain will continue in the affected areas.