Bangladesh: Floods - Operation update #1, Emergency appeal no. MDRBD028


Glide №: FL-2022-000217-BGD


Description of the crisis

The north-eastern part of Bangladesh has been devastated by torrential rains and flash floods during the second half of last June due to heavy rainfall upstream of India. In parts of the flood-hit districts of Sylhet, Sunamganj, Netrokona districts and a number of ‘haor', more than 14,500 flood victims in Sylhet have still been staying at shelter centres. Some people are staying as they could not make their homes inhabitable though the water receded. The outbreak of water-borne diseases in many areas has emerged as a fresh scourge. Roads, embankments, bridges, etc. now lie damaged or dilapidated. Improvised and weakly built houses, schools and offices are in a state of disrepair. Signs of post-flood mess-up are still visible in many areas. Flash floods in the same region, especially in Sylhet and Sunamganj took place during the second half of May this year. Approximately two million people were impacted that time due to the worst floods in two decades. As of 16 July, citing the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), media reported that the death toll from the devastating floods in the country rose to 121. The cultivation of late varieties of paddy has been stressed in flood-prone areas. On the other hand, while people are trying to recover, very recently a weeklong heatwave swept over Sylhet – on 14 July, the temperature was the highest since July 1956.

Summary of response

Overview of the host National Society and ongoing response

In response to the impacts of recent floods in Bangladesh, BDRCS has developed a comprehensive floods response plan to provide effective integrated assistance to 350,000 floods affected populations. This plan is comprised of both relief and recovery activities. The total funding ask is BDT 950 million (CHF 10 million). On 26 July 2022, upon request of BDRCS, the IFRC launched an emergency appeal of CHF 7.5 million to enable BDRCS to address the emergency needs and early recovery of the flood-affected people in the north-eastern region of the country. BDRCS mobilized more than 500 staff and volunteers in this operation

BDRCS’ response, as of this reporting period:

• More than 100,000 people reached with food assistance.

• More than 175,000 litres of safe drinking water and 3,242 jerricans distributed among the affected people.

• 303 water points disinfected, and 39,090 water purification tablets (WPT) were distributed.

• More than 20,000 floods affected people reached with the multipurpose cash grant (MPCG) support in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts.

• More than 12,000 people reached with the hygiene parcels and 142 families reached with dignity kits.

• 15,547 people received emergency medical assistance through mobile medical teams and 1,894 people reached with psychosocial support (PSS).

• More than 6,500 flood-affected people reached with tarpaulins in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts.

• 2,900 pieces of sleeping mats and more than 1,800 pieces of buckets have been distributed among the floodaffected people.