Bangladesh: Floods - Emergency Appeal n° MDRBD020, Revision n° 1

Originally published


Appeal launched 24 August 2017

Revision n° 1 issued 11 November 2017

Appeal ends 31 August 2018

This Revised Emergency Appeal seeks 4,813,498 Swiss francs (increased from 4,712,033 Swiss francs) to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) to deliver assistance and support to 100,000 people (20,000 households) for 12 months, with a focus on the following sectors: health, shelter (and non-food relief items), water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH), food security and livelihoods (including unconditional cash) and disaster risk reduction (DRR). The budget includes a provision of 152,082 Swiss francs for deployment of a Shelter Cluster coordination team.

The revised response reflects the current situation and information available at this time of the evolving operation, and will be adjusted based on further developments and more detailed assessments. Major changes related to the operational strategy include that the area of operation is more targeted, reaching the ten most affected districts (reduced from 32 district) where multipurpose cash will be utilised as the main modality to deliver assistance to 20,000 households. With more focused geographical response, the numbers of people targeted in WASH, Livelihoods, cash transfer programming (CTP) and DRR programmes have been reduced, while for shelter assistance has been further detailed with provision of corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets, shelter toolkits and conditional cash grants for rebuilding of houses. Details are available in the Revised Plan of Action.

The operational strategy


Since 12 August 2017 heavy monsoon rains above the seasonal average have severely impacted the riverine region of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. This has resulted in intense flooding in almost two-thirds of Bangladesh, affecting over eight million people. Bangladesh is experiencing floods for the fourth time this year and this latest flood has inundated the country. Damaged roads and infrastructure have affected many people including famers, fishermen, and char (island) dwellers. Livelihoods activities have been adversely affected. As of 12 September 2017, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) reported that the flood waters had started to recede in 28 of the 32 flood-affected districts.

Summary of response to date

Since the approval of the DREF allocation and the Emergency Appeal in August 2017, BDRCS with the support from IFRC has provided assistance to more than 25,000 people with cash for food, hygiene kit distribution, water purification tablets, jerry cans, and water treatment plants setup. 2,165 people benefitted with health services from the mobile medical team. For shelter, 23,875 people have received emergency shelter items. BDRCS with the support from Grameen Phone company have distributed in-kind food aid to 252,405 people. Completed activities since the launch of the initial appeal are outlined in the revised proposed sectors of interventions below. More details are available in the Revised Plan of Action.

Due to the changes of the situation and needs, a FACT team was deployed from 6-10 September 2017 to reassess the situation and recommended several changes to the existing Emergency Plan of Action.