Bangladesh: Floods Appeal No. MDRBD002 Operations Update No. 14


GLIDE FF-2007-000080-BGD

Period covered by this Operations Update: 19 July 2008 to 31 August 2008

Revised Appeal budget: CHF 5.095 million (USD 4.85 million or EUR 3.12 million)

Appeal coverage: 94%; Outstanding needs: CHF 296,371 (USD 254,540 or EUR 197,402).

Appeal history:

- Emergency Appeal launched on 3 July 2007 for CHF 842,257 (USD 684,762 or EUR 510,459) for six months to assist 133,255 beneficiaries.

- Emergency Appeal revised on 16 August 2007 to focus on the floods. The budget was increased to CHF 7,113,119 (USD 5,907,905 or EUR 4,310,980) for eight months to assist 1,200,000 beneficiaries due to the deteriorating situation.

- Emergency Appeal budget revised on June 2008 to CHF 5,095,836 (USD 4,851,236 or EUR 3,118,852)

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) allocated on 20 June 2007: CHF 250,000


Since November 2007, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), with the support of the International Federation, have provided assistance to up to 145,665 families with food and non-food items, including sarees, lungies and family kits in 42 out of 64 districts affected by the floods. Additionally, non-food items such as blankets and family kits were distributed along with seed and saplings to 11,200 families in the four most affected districts. Moreover, 50,220 families received basic health care services and 9,900 families benefited from the water and sanitation project. All these activities were achieved and completed by March 2008. Due to some leftover and unspent funds, further changing needs, and the distribution of food and non-food by other agencies, the project was extended until end September 2008. Considering the reality that some of the activities still needs to be completed, a request was received from BDRCS to extend the operation for another three months due to limited human resources and capacity of the BDRCS and the pressing need to support the ongoing Cyclone Sidr operations as well. Thus, with the on-going operations the expectations and needs in the affected areas, an extension until 31 December 2008 is requested for in this operations update. The current extension will also focus on the completion of the ongoing activities as stipulated in the plan of action. The activities that have not been completed in the revised plan of action (April 2008) are to continue within the extended period. These include furnishing and stockpiling of buffer stock for future disasters; water and sanitation activities; housing material support; the capacity building of BDRCS by providing vehicles as well as the updating of the BDRCS relief manual; and renovation/material support for units. Please click here to access current plan of action detailing remaining activities that will be carried out by 31 December 2008. The logistic is to finalize the procurement of relief items. Some items have already been delivered, such as first aid and rescue kits. Several meetings regarding the extension of the project have been held between the BDRCS and the International Federation since March 2008. On 14 August, BDRCS have decided to implement all the projects that includes housing materials support; the water and sanitation project consisting of three components; and capacity building as mentioned in the extended revised plan of action.