Bangladesh: Flood situation report of Sirajganj district as of 10 Sep 2007

Situation Report
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Present Situation:

Sirajgonj distgrict is one of the disaster prone areas in Bangladesh. In the running year the flood hits in the mid July 2007 and suddenly inundated major parts of all the 9 Upazila's in the district. When the flood affected peoples are returning back to their own shelter from flood shelter and straggling to resume normal life, in this situation they are under threat of another flood. Since last 4 days it has been raining continuously, on the other hand water level of river Jamuna increasing rapidly. As a result, the overall flood situation deteriorating due to increased flood water. The water level of river Jamuna in Sirajgonj point (to-day 6 a.m) blows above 77 cm of danger level (13.75 meter). During last 24 hours water level increased 12 cm. The flood victims are taking shelter at flood shelter. Within The condition become worsens due to lack of food commodities, daily essential items like- safe drinking water and medical facilities. But causing further increasing of water the people again forced to leaving their houses. The situation become further worsens causing continuous raining since last week and newly damage in the Sirajgonj-Kazipur newly constructed alternative embankment at Suvagacha village under Kazipur upazila. Also there are about 100 HHs eroded in 7-8 villages causing such damages in the embankment. It has also learnt that the flood water has been frequently entering in the district town that already inundated major area of the town. The people are afraid of thinking the intensity and sever ness of the flood again. However, still some people are newly taking shelter at different shelter place. Several GO/NGO's has been continuing emergency relief operation (food and non-food items). Eventually, a remarkable peoples in different places (shelter, embankment and other places) suffering for food, drinking water, houses, cloth and diseases.

Most of the areas becoming under flood water and rapidly increasing the water level as a result flood affected people returning back in the flood shelter and some other safe places again. The sheltered female heads are facing problem, because of inadequate toilet facilities. Most of the Tube-well is gone under flood, which causes serious crises of safe drinking water. Considering the number affected people the relief operation is very inadequate. The road communication is disrupted. In this situation food, shelter, drinking water and medical facilities are very badly needed by the flood-affected people. It is also observed that heavy crises of feed for the cattle have to save their lives. Due to non-availability of job and essential commodities, peoples are suffering a lot.