Bangladesh: Flood Situation Analysis - August 31, 2016


Overview of Waterlogging in Jessore 2016

Heavy rainfall in the 2nd week of August caused waterlogging in three upazilas (Keshabpur, Abhaynagar and Manirampur) of Jessore district. In these upazilas, the excessive rain water caused waterlogging in, put together, 28 unions ( all unions of Keshabpur upazila, namely, Keshabpur sadar, Gaurighona, Sufalakati, Majidpur, Panjia, Bidyanandakati, Mangalkot, Sagardari and Trimohi; Sundoli, Paira, Siddirpasha, Shridharpur, Noapara and Rajghat under Abhaynagar upazila; Shyamkul, Kulutia, Haridaskhati, Hariharnagar, Kheda Para, Chaluhati, Khanpur, Jhanpa, Nehalpur, Durbadanga, Dhakuria, Maswimnagar and Manoharpur under Manirampur upazila) and two municipalities i.e. Keshabpur paurashava and Noapara paurashava. It inundated crop fields, dwelling areas, fish enclosures, educational institutions, temples, mosques and roads as well as displaced the affected people.

Impact on Life and Livelihood

10 people were killed due to snake bite. According to the D - Form, nearly 267,511 people are affected in three upazilas. A significant number of the affected people (14,272) are displaced from their houses and faced difficulties to access safe water, sanitation facilities and shelters. They also suffered due to the disruptions in their livelihoods, communication system and education, as well as serious damages to crops.

An estimated 16,849 houses are partially damaged. Crops in 8,230 hectors of land are damaged completely and 8,067 hectors are damaged partially. Fish and prawn hatchery in 12,513 hectors of land are submerged.

Damages made to agricultural lands caused severe reduction in employment opportunities for the daily waged labourers, deteriorated food security, and raised concerns for health and nutrition of the people in the community.

With the inundation of the dwelling areas, affected people have lost their latrines and tube-well. It is serious concern for women and children, in particular, and generally, for public health. Also, women and children displaced by the waterlogging have become exposed to abuse and gender based violence.

Moreover, many 290 educational institutions have been inundated and many of schools are occupied as temporary shelter. It severely reduced children’s access to education.
In public domain, 125.53 km roads have been damaged. It adversely affected supply chain for some markets and let to price hike for essential items.