Bangladesh: Emergency relief distribution programme 2007

Venue: Pahartoli and Halishohor, Chittagong

Implemented By: Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief


Islamic Relief implemented emergency relief distribution programme for the recent heavy rainfall victims at South Katroli, Pahartoli (Jalepara) and Halishohor, Iblock, Chittagong. The affected people were mostly fishermen and day laborer. 22000 households were under water. It was difficult for them to prepare food for their families due to locked water. With the help of local government Islamic Relief selected 500 families based on the emergency need(200- Jalepara and 300 -Halishohor, I Block) and distributed relief materials.

Relief materials:

We have distributed relief materials to 500 families each family received 3kg compressed rice, 1kg molasses, 2 packet biscuits, 1 dozen match boxes and six candles. At the time of relief distribution local commissioner was present and distributed among the flash flood victims.

The problem what we faced:

We had a plan to distribute relief materials for the land slide victims at lebubagan. We visited lebubagan where 72 people died. Distressed people have taken shelter in Jahangir line high school at cantonment. We discussed with the local government and they allowed us to distribute relief materials but the army didn't allow us to distribute relief among the victims. They suggested us, if IR want to provide relief, they should put their relief materials into army's storage room.

Lesson learnt:

1. The victims of the land slide were not permanent dwellers and the land is khash land. The area is adjacent to cantonment. The army people will not allow any NGOs to rebuild their shelters particularly in lebubagan. Because they have a separate plan for the victims. They may remove all the people from lebubagan and rehabilitate them in different places. They are not encouraging NGOs to work over there directly.


Due to government and Army policies, we should not go for rehabilitation project. Because they are thinking seriously and some legislative issues are involved.