Bangladesh: Disaster Management Information Centre situation report 7 Jun 2009

Situation Report
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Current Situation

Relief efforts are continuing in all affected districts with some early recovery, particularly in those districts not affected by water inundation, underway. Restoring water supplies in these areas remains a priority. Work is continuing with the temporary repairs to embankments with the government announcing that the AFD will be deployed to undertake major reconstruction in the coming days. As was alluded to previously, the extent of inundation in areas of Khulna and Satkhira districts is severe with long term livelihood challenges ahead particularly in the shrimp industry where major losses have occurred and also in the agriculture sector where the longer term impact of saline intrusion in regard to land use will not be known for some time.

Many boatloads of people have been observed leaving the water logged areas of Dacope in Khulna District and head towards Khulna and other townships. This may only be a temporary situation however the likelihood of more people transitioning out of the affected areas is considered high, particularly if inundation cannot be reversed.

While the current effort remains on immediate relief and medical assistance the future focus must soon shift to addressing the mid to longer term habitat and livelihood challenges caused by the extensive inundation and imminent flood season.

Total Death: 190

People Injured: 7103

Family Affected: 8,62,570

People Affected: 48,26,630

Houses Damaged: 6,12,584

Crops Damaged: 3,19,930 acre