Bangladesh: Disaster Management Information Centre situation report 28 May 2009 2nd ed

Situation Report
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Current Situation

Total 14 districts were affected by the cyclone. 147 persons reported dead. Many areas of the affected districts were inundated and houses, roads and embankments were damaged. Detailed damage information collection is in progress.

Government administration, local elected representatives and other Non Government organizations are now working in rescue and response in cyclone affected upazilas around the coastal areas. These organization have started their relief and rehabilitation operations immediately just after the cyclone crossed over.

Local elected representatives and elites are encouraging and providing confidence to the affected people for facing the situation. The Bangladesh army and Coast Guard are trying to establish local communication and still handling the rescue operations.

Total Death: 147
People Missed: 10
People Injured: 6,551
Family Affected: 7,83,286
People Affected: 36,94,874
Houses Damaged: 5,45,226
Crops Damaged: 3,40,660 acre

Actions Taken

- A total of BDT 11800000 G.R. Cash has been allocated to the "AILA" affected districts.

- G. R. Rice 3750.000 MT has been allocated to the "AILA" affected districts.

- 4500 pcs of sarees and 5 cartons of medicine have been allocated to the DC of the mostly affected districts.

- USAID will release $100,000 in OFDA funding that will go to World Vision and CARE. They deployed 14 water treatment plants to the affected areas and released about $20,000 for logistics/delivery of high energy biscuits from the Government of Norway and some non-food items. They are waiting for further assessments and proposals from their on the ground partners to divert funds from current programs for disaster response.