Bangladesh: Cyclone Sidr Emergency Appeal No. MDRBD003 Final Report


Period covered by this Final Report: 16 November 2007 to 30 November 2009

Appeal target: CHF 24,483,160 (USD 22.2 million or EUR 15 million)

Final appeal coverage: 80%;

Appeal history:

- A Revised Emergency Appeal was launched on 25 November 2007 for CHF 24,483,160 (USD 22.2 million or EUR 15 million) to assist 243,000 families (1,215,000 beneficiaries) for two years.

- A Preliminary Appeal was launched for CHF 3,989,305 on 16 November 2007 to mobilize immediate relief assistance.

- CHF 250,000 was allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support Bangladesh Red Crescent Society's relief efforts in this operation.

With this interim final report, this emergency appeal is closed, as implementation of all activities has been completed. This appeal received a total income of CHF 19,636,901 and expenditure is CHF 16,665,142. A balance of CHF 2,971,759 remains, and the remaining funds will be used for the community based Cyclone Sidr recovery programme focusing on Cyclone Sidr affected districts, and this will be linked to the Annual Plan for Bangladesh for 2010-11. Partners/donors who have any questions about the reallocation of the final balance of funds are kindly requested to contact the International Federation within the next 90 days. The funds will then be reallocated after 90 days, and the final report issued.


The Cyclone Sidr operation began in the middle of November 2007 and was implemented over a two year period; the emergency phase was completed by the end of March 2008 and the early recovery phase by the end of November 2009. This was the biggest Red Cross Red Crescent emergency response operation in Bangladesh since the 1991 flood operation, and, in terms of providing recovery support, it was the first of its kind in the history of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS).