Bangladesh: Cyclone Sidr DREF Bulletin No. MDRBD003


Glide no. TC-2007-000208- BGD

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In Brief

This DREF Bulletin is being issued based on the situation described below, reflecting the information available at this time. CHF 250,000 was allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to respond to urgent needs ahead of the results and recommendations of ongoing assessments. The Federation secretariat is working together with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society to address the situation, and to possibly launch a preliminary appeal in the near future. Unearmarked funds to repay DREF are encouraged.

Background and current situation

Cyclone Sidr hit the south western region of Bangladesh at 6:45 pm local time, moving at 220-250 kilometres per hour, with the storm reaching Dhaka in the early hours of the morning. While the cyclone has weakened since this morning, it has left a trail of destruction in its wake. Many houses and farmlands have been destroyed, and electricity supply has been disrupted in the affected regions, including Dhaka, since midnight. At the time of writing, the electricity supply has not yet been restored.

The government authorities deployed more than 40,000 personnel, including police, troops, coastguards and health workers on the shoreline to warn and evacuate the people before the onset of the disaster. An estimated ten million people live in the affected areas.

By 9.00 am local time, the Bangladesh meteorological office requested that Mongla seaport reduce the danger level from ten to three. In the meantime, some information was received from the affected districts. As of 11 a.m., there has been extensive damage to crops, livestock and houses. Many mud thatched houses were destroyed, an estimated 218 lives were lost, and the number of injured is still unavailable. Disruption of telecommunication systems have hampered communication, making it more difficult to get in touch with the affected areas.

Dhaka airport and flights nationwide were cancelled from Thursday, 15 November till this morning. In view of the emergency, government officials will remain in the country to monitor the situation.

Currently, the district administration has opened 210 shelters while the relief ministry allocated 1,000 blankets and

450 tents.

MAP - Bangladesh: Cyclonic Storm Sidr (as of 16 Nov 2007) - Situation Map

Contact information

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society: Mr. M. Shafiul Alam (Secretary General), email:, phone: +88.02.935.2226.

Country delegation in Bangladesh: Mr. Selvaratnam Sinnadurai (Head of delegation), email:, phone: +88.02.933.7314, fax: +88.02.934.1631.

South Asia regional delegation in India: Mr. Al Panico (Head of regional delegation), email:, phone: +91 11 2411 1122, fax: +91 11 2411 1128.

Asia Pacific Zone office in Malaysia: Disaster management unit: Mr. Latifur Rahman (Regional disaster management delegate), email:; phone: + 60 3 2161 0892, mobile; +60 12 975 0144; Regional logistics unit: Mr. Jeremy Francis (Regional logistics delegate),, phone: +60 3 2628 2707, fax: +60 3 2168 8573

In Geneva: Asia Pacific department, Ms. Christine South (Emergency operations coordinator), email:, phone: +41.22.730.4529, fax: +41.22.733.0395