Bangladesh: Appeal no. MAABD001; Programme Update no. 2

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This report covers the period 1 July to 30 November 2009

In brief

Programme purpose:

Bangladesh as a country is suffering from the severe impact of climate change. The damaging impact of climate change is already taking shape in the form of floods, salinity intrusion, drought and river bank erosion, change in the rainfall pattern and intensification of tropical cyclones. The frequent visits of these natural calamities have severe impact on the socio-economic life of the people of Bangladesh. Thus, the purpose of the all four core programmes: disaster management; health and care; organizational development, and principals and values are to reach out to the most vulnerable people, mitigate their suffering and make them more resilient to the change and risk of these hazards.

To achieve global agenda goal one the International Federation's disaster management team with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) are continuously working to reach out to the most vulnerable affected by disasters and to build the capacity of the communities so that they can handle future disasters better. To reduce the morbidity and mortality rate among people, the International Federation is working closely with the BDRCS's health department and volunteers. During the period of disaster the health department is trying to cover the vulnerable communities in disease In addition, they are also doing advocacy on HIV/AIDS to reach out and fulfil global agenda goal two. The International Federation country office is now focusing more on BDRCS' capacity building so that they can effectively utilize the resources with an aim to build the local community's self reliance to combat any disasters, to reach out and fulfil global agenda three. As a cross cutting issue, humanitarian principles and values are incorporated in all programmes, projects and trainings to change the behaviour of service providers while working with the international federation and BDRCS in order to reach out and fulfil global agenda goal four.

Financial situation: The total 2009 budget has been revised down from CHF 1,667,908 (USD 1,529,929 or EUR 1,093,373) to CHF 1,056,131 (USD 1,034, 064 or EUR 698,846). Coverage is 142 per cent while expenditure from January to October 2009 is 62 per cent of the total 2009 budget (see attached financial report). The financial report from January to December 2009 will be issued with the 2009 annual report by April 2010.