Bangladesh: Agriculture insurance situation analysis

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This report provides a prelimary assessment of the potential for agricultural insurance in Bangladesh. Based on this assessment and discussions with key stakeholders, the WBG will prepare a technical report and policy briefing for Bangladesh Ministry of Finance’s Bank and Financial Institutions Division (BFID) on four potential types of agricultural insurance programs which have been identified through this situational analysis as priority solutions for further investigation.

The four priority areas identified for further investigation are: (1) Livestock insurance for commercial dairy farmers and poultry farmers; (2) Insurance cover for shrimp producers and artisanal fishermen; (3) Crop insurance linked to credit for small and marginal cereal farmers; and (4) Fully subsidized flood-index insurance for the most vulnerable rural households. The diagnostic reports will also analyze potential institutional frameworks that could be considered for agricultural insurance in Bangladesh, paying specific attention to the potential roles for the Government and insurers.