Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP), Bangladesh Consortium in Humanitarian Response, News letter Issue No. 2 | Special Edition | 19 August, 2021



In the race against the climate crisis, we can’t leave anyone behind.

On 19 August 2003, a bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, killed 22 humanitarian aid workers, including the UN Special Representative of the SecretaryGeneral for Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Five years later, the General Assembly adopted a resolution designating 19 August as World Humanitarian Day.

Each year, World Humanitarian Day focuses on a theme, bringing together partners from across the humanitarian system to advocate for the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected by crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers.

This year, we highlight the immediate human cost of the climate crisis by pressuring world leaders to take meaningful climate action for the world’s most vulnerable people.

THEME 2021

With most climate campaigns focused on slowing climate change and securing the planet's future, World Humanitarian Day 2021 will highlight the immediate human cost of the climate crisis and pressure world leaders to take meaningful climate action for the world's most vulnerable people.


Ram Das Member, Dhaka Governance Committee,
AHP Bangladesh Consortium,
Deputy Country Director - Humanitarian & Resilience Programs,
CARE Bangladesh

“The climate emergency is a race we are losing, but it is a race we can win,” says the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres. As climate change has been wreaking havoc all over the world with millions of people losing their lives and livelihoods, we in CARE urge global leaders to set up a mechanism to support countries who have contributed least to global climate emergency but are the hardest hit. On the week of the World Humanitarian Day, we all should come together to amplify our collective message to the global leaders to start taking decisive action to save this planet which is heading towards an irreversible destruction. The call to save #TheHumanRace has not been so urgent ever.