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ASEAN team joined the second high-level visit in Cox’s Bazar to facilitate repatriation

20 December 2019: An ASEAN team, consisting of the ASEAN Secretariat, the AHA Centre and the ASEAN Emergency Response and Assessment (ASEAN-ERAT) from ASEAN Member States, participated in the second high-level visit led by the Government of Myanmar with displaced persons in Cox’s Bazar on 18-19 December 2019.

It was the continuation of the first high-level visit in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh held at the end of July 2019. The first high-level visit held with representatives of displaced persons in Cox’s Bazar provided an opportunity to share the plans for the repatriation process, including findings of the ASEAN-ERAT for the Preliminary Needs Assessment (PNA) conducted in March 2019, and to understand the needs of displaced persons.

This second high-level visit aims to explain the repatriation process and the progress so far in preparing for the return of displaced persons from Bangladesh. The ASEAN team also used the opportunity to have better understanding on the current issues on the ground to support a safe and voluntary return of displaced persons, and enhance the ongoing implementation of PNA recommendations.

The AHA Centre was established in November 2011 to facilitate cooperation and coordination among ASEAN Member States and with the United Nations and international organisations for disaster management and emergency response. The AHA Centre is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The ASEAN-ERAT is a rapidly deployable response team to support a disaster-affected ASEAN Member State. The ASEAN-ERAT is managed and coordinated by the AHA Centre.