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Aid for communities affected by severe monsoon flooding in South Asia

Islamic Relief responds as latest reports suggest over 100 people have died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced by severe monsoon flooding which hit Bangladesh, India and Nepal recently.

Thousands have been forced from their homes as heavy monsoon rains triggered widespread floods across South Asia a fortnight ago. Amongst the areas affected are North and North West Bangladesh and the State of Bihar in East India where Islamic Relief is responding.

Our teams on the ground in Bangladesh and India have identified specific needs and are now delivering vital aid worth over £100,000.

Islamic Relief Bangladesh is providing food aid to 2,334 families in various affected areas where flooding has caused shortages of clean water and food. In India our teams are providing materials for hygiene and shelter. The team will also focus on disinfecting existing water sources in the areas to ensure people have access to safe, clean drinking water.

The aid supplies have been funded through a grant of just over £100,000 from Islamic Relief UK, money which has been generously donated by UK donors towards global emergencies.

“Our Global Emergencies Fund provides a lifeline to communities in immediate need as a result of severe floods and other emergencies. This work often doesn’t hit the headlines but is helping to save thousands of lives,” says Tufail Hussain, Islamic Relief UK’s Deputy Director.

“In Bangladesh and India, we are already working in the affected areas. In many places, because we have a longstanding relationship with local organisations on the ground we are ready to respond immediately to the needs of the communities.“

Thanks to your donations towards the Global Emergencies Fund, we were able to respond without delay and without having to launch an appeal to gather funds. Please continue to support the Global Emergency Fund so we can continue to help those affected in emergencies.