After the flood: Official Damage Statistics of Bangladesh Flood 1998

Originally published
source: Government of Bangladesh
  • 32 of 64 Districts in Bangladesh affected
  • 100,000 sq. km inundated (66% of the country)
  • 1,050 deaths reported
  • 30 million people affected
  • 25 million people left homeless
  • 26,000 livestock lost
  • 575,000 hectares of crops destroyed
  • 20,000 schools and other educational facilities damaged
  • 300,000 tube wells damaged
  • 16,000 km of roads flooded
  • 4,500 km of river embankments damaged
ActionAid in Bangladesh began providing emergency relief to families who had lost their homes, livestock, crops and livelihoods from the outset of the 1998 flood.

Water levels on the Ganges were higher than they had been for over 100 years. Six months later, families are still rebuilding.