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ADRA Asia Regional COVID 19 Situation Report No. 08 (as of May 29, 2020)

Situation Report
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Information on the Emergency The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak began in Wuhan Province, China when 44 patients were reported to show symptoms of an unknown disease in December 2019. On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a pandemic. As of 28 May 2020 according to WHO, the number of confirmed cases globally has risen to more than 5,593,631 individuals and 353,334 deaths. Of these, in the Asian countries included in this SitRep, the number of confirmed cases is 415,494 and 14,570 deaths.

Humanitarian Situation

  • Elderly Populations being more vulnerable than other groups, has increased the number of challenges faced by them.

  • Most Health care facilities and institutions have requested for support towards addressing COVID-19.

  • Uncertainty of livelihoods, especially in terms of daily laborer’s

  • Most countries and their respective health institutions lack adequate resources to effectively address COVID-19. i.e. PPE,
    Disinfecting material etc.

  • Families and Communities living under Quarantine are facing challenges acquiring essential items such as food and hygiene material needed to combat spread of COVID-19.

  • Many organizations have stepped in to raise awareness and to share messages on COVID-19 and precautions that need to be taken.

Gaps in Humanitarian Assistance

  • Increased support is needed to ensure the most vulnerable population (elderly) are able to safeguard themselves.

  • The number of families living under quarantine is increasing and are in need of nutritional and hygiene support.

  • Suvpport towards the managing quarantine centers (Food, hygiene items etc).

  • Phycological Support for communities and families of infected/ dead individuals.

  • While much support is being channeled towards Health care facilities/ institutions and organizations, there is still a gap in available resources of the countries to effectively respond/curtail COVID-19.