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Acute Watery Diarrheal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

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1. Introduction

Purpose of this document

In October 2017, the WASH Sector, in consultation with relevant Ministries, developed a WASH AWD Preparedness and Response Plan to set out the required activities to prepare for and respond to an AWD outbreak. This document was reviewed and updated in June of 2018 followed by a second review in April-May, 2019 and by a third review that took place from July to September 2020.

A multisectoral AWD response plan was developed by the Health, WASH and CWC Sectors. The current document reflects this plan but includes additional details related to WASH-specific activities. The purpose of the WASH AWD Plan is to ensure a proactive, coordinated, and effective effort to prevent AWD and control it where it does occur. Specifically, this document sets out the preparedness, transition and response actions that are required in order to prevent or limit the impact of AWD outbreaks in Cox’s Bazar Rohingya camps and nearby host communities. This plan is intended to provide guidance to WASH agencies in the development of their own AWD preparedness and response plans.

The current plan has been revised during COVID-19 pandemic. It is to be intended that all the recommendations regarding physical distancing, use of masks, respiratory etiquettes, avoidance of gathering and so on, should be considered while implementing the AWD plan.

AWD and COVID-19 have a lot of similar prevention and mitigation measures are (awareness raising, hand washing stations installation, disinfection of WASH facilities); these measures have been already taking place since the onset of the pandemic (March 2020). Please refer to COVID-19 WASH Sector plan and technical guidances here.