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Long Term Planning Framework Gulf sub-Region 2012-2015

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  1. Who are we?

The Federation Representation for the Gulf sub-region provides a focal point to enhance the link between the Secretariat and the NSs and the NSs in the sub-region. provision of humanitarian and social services both nationally and internationally.:

  1. Who are our stakeholders?

The Gulf sub-region consists of six National Societies in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen.

Most of the National Societies in the sub-region share a common platform in terms of their current position and their vision for the future

 In addition to the humanitarian and social work on the domestic front, the National Societies are increasing their focus on international humanitarian work assisting people in need in the different parts of the world.
 Aware of the diversity and complexity of emergencies and worsening vulnerabilities escalating the need for assistance across the globe, the National Societies share the commitment to extend the scale, quality and impact of international humanitarian work. They strive to enhance their position and operate as effective players at all levels in a manner that enables them to realize their full potential. ----doing more, doing better and reaching further