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UMCOR Hotline 08 Feb 2002: Indonesia, Turkey, Cuba, Bahamas

Indonesia has experienced the worst flooding in 30 years following a week of heavy rain at the end of January. Much of the capital, Jakarta, was under water and roads in and out of the city were impassable. UMCOR has sent an emergency response grant to the Methodist Church of Indonesia to provide food, water, and medicine. Once the waters have receded, people will need assistance repairing their homes and replacing household furnishings. To join in this response, please give to UMCOR's International Disaster Response, Advance #982450-8, and designate "Indonesia Floods."
Severe storms struck southern Louisiana earlier this week. Though the damage was limited, some homes near the UMCOR Sager-Brown facility in Baldwin lost their roofs. The volunteers at Sager-Brown were able to respond immediately, making temporary repairs to keep the rain out. Over the next few weeks, volunteers will make permanent repairs. Your gifts to UMCOR's Domestic Disaster Response, Advance #901670-1 make it possible for UMCOR to respond to disasters that affect a few people, such as this one, and those that affect hundreds and thousands of people in the United States.

UMCOR staff traveled this week to central Turkey to assess the damage and determine the appropriate response for UMCOR to make following the earthquake last weekend. Four areas were affected and the Turkish Red Crescent and the government have been able to meet the immediate needs for food, blankets, and shelter. There is a need for trauma counseling, however. Many people have set up tents outside their homes, and relief workers fear that because of trauma, people will choose to stay in tents rather than live inside. UMCOR is developing plans to provide trauma counseling and may also work with local agencies to establish centers for women and pre-school children in the area. Please give to UMCOR Advance #675205-6 and designate "Turkey Earthquake."

There is still a tremendous need for recovery assistance from last year's hurricanes and tropical storms. Both volunteers and funds are needed to continue the rebuilding in Houston. UMCOR has sent grants to the Cuban Council of Churches and the Methodist Church of Cuba to assist with the recovery from Hurricane Michelle. These funds will be used to provide mattresses, refrigerators, coal stoves, fans, and other household items for people who lost their homes and belongings in the hurricane. Central American countries and the Bahamas are also recovering from hurricane damage. Please continue to support Hurricanes 2001, Advance # 982350-4. For volunteer information, call (800) 918-3100.

Gifts may be made through local United Methodist Churches, or by calling (800) 554-8583. Credit card donations are accepted. Click here to make a secure online gift. (Read more about how you can help UMCOR's emergency responses.)

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