IOM Bahamas Situation Report April - May 2020

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IOM Bahamas Launches New Social Media Channels

IOM Bahamas has officially launched Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages that will be updated daily with plans, progress, and advocacy messages. JanWillem Wegdam, Head of Office also invites everyone to leave messages, comments, and likes. IOM is committed to being accessible and responsive to everyone. Soon IOM Bahamas will add a WhatsApp number.

The IOM Bahamas social media channels are:

Facebook @IOMBahama
Instagram @IOMBahamas
Twitter @IOMTheBahamas
LinkedIn – IOM The Bahamas

IOM partners with CORE for Dorian Home Repair Program (DHR)

IOM Bahamas has continued its partnership with CORE. After a first phase where more than 23.000m3 of debris were cleared from private homes, streets, yards and public spaces, the IOM contribution will now support up to 40 families with the repair of their homes. Mathew Chandi, CORE’s Project Manager explained the unique character of the partnership, “CORE’s project with IOM in The Bahamas has both a community scale component (debris removal) and an individual scale component (home repairs).

The home repair project is now in the preparation phase and the first beneficiaries, locations, and their vulnerabilities have been identified. Progress of the re-construction is currently hindered by the closures related to COVID, shortage of building materials and breaking down of supply chains. As the country continues to ease it’s restrictions IOM and CORE anticipate that progress will be made quickly.

Assessment of preparedness of emergency shelters on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands for 2020 Hurricane Season.

In May 2020, IOM released a comprehensive assessment of the preparedness of emergency shelters on Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands for the 2020 Hurricane Season, to assist the government of The Bahamas and the communities with the preparation for the 2020 hurricane season. The outcome of the assessment, which is based on a a three-week field survey of two IOM experts in Nassau, Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands in March 2020, is a detailed overview of the current condition of 34 emergency shelters, their operational effectiveness during Dorian, and the suitability of each shelter for the 2020 hurricane season. The report makes recommendation to which actions need to be taken, and the related costs, to ensure the islands are well prepared for the 2020 season. The Experts recommended: increasing shelter capacity and standards, developing a national mass evacuation plan, conducting emergency scenario planning and community evacuation drills, improving emergency communications, training of at least 100 emergency shelter managers and re-stocking of the emergency supplies and equipment.