Hurricane Dorian - Bahamas: WFP Support to the Government-led Humanitarian Response Situation Report #08 – 30 October 2019

Situation Report
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In Numbers

67 confirmed deaths

777 people are assisted in 5 government shelters in Nassau

4,860 registered evacuees with the Department of Social Services

6,600 people will receive food assistance in Abaco in November


• Working with the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and local administrators in Abaco Islands, WFP has supported the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and Bahamian Government in finalizing a last-mile food and relief distribution plan for November to assist 6,600 people.

• For nearly 2 months, WFP has supported over 30 partners, including NEMA, other government entities, UN agencies, local and international NGOs and donor countries, with logistics coordination and common services.

Situation Update

• As part of a government voucher activity, the Department of Social Services has provided 2,611 evacuees in Nassau with single USD 100 food vouchers as of 24 October.

• Information collected by government relief distribution centers and relief organizations confirm that a growing number of people returning to the Abaco Islands are in need of humanitarian assistance.

• Markets are gradually resuming and the availability of fresh products is increasing across the Abaco Islands, especially in the south. However, a lack of sources of income and the unavailability of banking services continue to impact the population’s access to finance and markets.

WFP Programme Update

• As the number of people in need of food assistance in the Abaco Islands has rapidly increased, WFP continues to provide technical expertise to NEMA and local authorities on requirements, distribution plans and overall monitoring.

• As the co-lead agency with NEMA of the Food Security sector, WFP continues to work on potential alternative food assistance programmes for the Government's longerterm transition and recovery strategy.