Hurricane Dorian - Bahamas: WFP Support to the Government-led Humanitarian Response Situation Report #10 – 28 November 2019

Situation Report
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• A WFP-led multi-partner Vulnerability Needs Assessment was conducted on Abaco. This exercise will inform WFP and partner’s further assistance.

• WFP is scaling down its operations in the Bahamas and is in the process of handing over the Emergency Support Functions for Food Security (ESF 11) and Logistics (ESF 7) to NEMA and partners.

In Numbers

69 confirmed deaths

585 adults and 46 children are assisted in 5 government shelters in Nassau

700+ households surveyed through a WFP-led Vulnerability Needs Assessment

Situation Update

• Food assistance continues to be provided by NEMA throughout the affected areas.

• Currently, multipurpose cash assistance is being provided by partners in areas with greater market functionality and is expected to continue to scale up as capacities are put in place and markets revive. Farmers’ markets are also reopening with support from INGOs.

• The largest supermarket on the Abacos Islands is gradually resuming normal service, increasing its operating hours and providing banking services. Sources of livelihoods and incomes remain a concern in hurricaneimpacted areas.

• Access to water and electricity is gradually improving. Humanitarian organizations are assisting the Government by supplying water tankers and generators