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Bahamas – Tropical Cyclone Cristobal (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 August 2014)

News and Press Release
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  • CRISTOBAL formed on 23 August in the Caribbean, near the Turks and Caicos. On 25 August, 6.00 UTC, it was a Tropical Storm with maximum sustained wind speed of 85 km/h and its centre was located over water, east of the Bahamas, approximately 160 km north-west of the island of San Salvador. In the following 48 h, it is expected to move north-north-east, away from land, slightly intensifying.

  • As of 24 August, heavy rainfall and consequent floods have affected several Caribbean islands. In Haiti, three people were killed and flood damage was recorded in Saint-Marc, while at least 3 600 people were displaced and over 600 homes damaged or destroyed in the flood-hit eastern and north-eastern regions of the Dominican Republic. In the latter, 128 mm of rain were measured in 24 h near La Romana, over 23-24 August. Flooding has also been reported in the Providenciales, the most populated island in the Turks and Caicos.

  • As of 25 August early morning UTC, there is a Tropical Storm Warning for the central Bahamas, as CRISTOBAL is expected to continue affecting the Caribbean with heavy rainfall and strong winds in the following 24 h.