Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian One Month After (as of 04 October 2019)


Dorian makes record landfall

Dorian brought windspeeds in excess of 220mph and 23ft. storm surge as it barrelled over north-western Bahamas in early September.

Coordinating an efficient response

With more than 100 organizations present in The Bahamas, effective coordination among stakeholders proved critical to the response.

Response scales up to meet needs

From pre-deployments prior to Dorian’s arrival and the presence of more than 340 response personnel, response scaled up to meet priority needs.

Breaking down the response

The breadth of Dorian’s impact required a multi-facted approach to support Bahamas’s thematic Emergency Support Functions.

Financing contributions

Various countries, donors and organizations committed their generous support to The Bahamas with financing to back relief, response and recovery


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