The OSCE Office in Baku

Survey of OSCE Long-Term Missions and Other OSCE Field Activities
1. Basic Decision


  • Decision No. 318 by the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), 16 November 1999, (PC.DEC/318).


  • 258th Plenary Meeting, PC Journal No. 258, Agenda item 1

2. Tasks

In accordance with the decision of the Permanent Council referred to above, the mandate of the Office includes the following elements:

  • Promote the implementation of the OSCE principles and commitments as well as the co-operation of the Republic of Azerbaijan within the OSCE framework, in all OSCE dimensions, including human, political, economic and environmental aspects of security and stability.
  • Facilitate contacts, co-ordinate activities and promote information exchange with the Chairman-in-Office and other OSCE institutions as well as co-operation with international organisations and institutions.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with local authorities, universities, research institutions and NGO's and assist in arranging events with OSCE participation.
  • Perform other tasks deemed appropriate by the Chairman-in-Office or other OSCE institutions and agreed on between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the OSCE.

3. Deployment

The Office will be established in Baku, and will begin operating in the first half of 2000. Its initial period of duration will be until 31 December 2000, with a possibility of prolongation for periods of twelve months by mutual agreement between the OSCE and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

4. Duration

According to the draft MoU (under discussion), the original mandate of the Office will be valid for twelve months. It will be renewed for one year at a time, upon mutual agreement between the OSCE and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

5. Composition

The Office will have up to six international staff members, including the Head of the Office. This number may be increased upon decision by the OSCE Permanent Council.

6. Financial implications

The OSCE Budget for 2000, adopted at the 262nd Plenary Meeting of the Permanent Council on 15 December 1999, PC.DEC/331, OSCE Office in Baku: EUR 786,700.

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