IRC Weekly Update: Azerbaijan receives new Child Health grant

Originally published
Beginning in July 1998 with a USAID grant, the IRC's Azerbaijan Children and Health Program now operates in 40 schools, where 500 teachers provide health education activities for 6,000 students. The students are all internally displaced persons (IDPs), aged seven to seventeen. The IRC involved the local community in the entire planning process, from identifying priorities, to collecting information and developing action plans which led to improved health care and education in the schools. The community then identified needs in the schools beyond health priorities, particularly school repairs and supplies. As a result of this work, the United Nation's High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) awarded the IRC a new grant to rehabilitate the 40 schools and provide them with desks and tables, teaching materials and student supplies. The new program will continue to rely on proposals from the community and will make resources available to achieve community goals. [Filed by Rick Neal, Children's Health Program Manager, Baku, Azerbaijan.]