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ICRC Baku and Barda offices: Activity Highlights for January – June 2021


Support to conflict affected population

12,313 families received cash assistance to support their livelihoods.

10 individuals participated in Cash for Work activities linked to different agricultural projects.

19 families in Bala Jafarli received 20,606 kg of green fodder to support their livestock activities.

319 students from schools of Gazakh, Terter, Aghdam and Fuzuli districts participated with their drawings in a picture contest sensitizing them on the sustainable use of water resources.

70 students benefitted from the installation of 2 hand washing points in Alkhanli village of Fuzuli to support the fight against the COVID pandemic.

141 persons received individual psychological support sessions and follow up by ICRC psychologists.

14 school psychologists teaching in areas affected by the 2020 escalation of the conflict were trained to provide psychological support to children who suffered psychological trauma.

27 psychologists and 6 psychiatrists working with conflict-affected communities, received training by ICRC psychologists and psychiatrist.

9 teachers received training on the "Book about me" activity for children. Teachers conducted group sessions with 70 children in villages affected by the 2020 escalation of the conflict to improve their psychological wellbeing.

537 individuals from villages along the former line of contact participated in safety awareness sessions from risks related to mines and explosive remnants of war.

2 roundtables on the provision of assistance to mine victims were held with relevant interlocutors.

16 families of mine victims received assistance for funerary costs.

Humanitarian protection

14 Red Cross Messages were exchanged between persons stranded abroad and their relatives in Azerbaijan.

Tracing requests were collected, processed, and shared with relevant structures based on the information received from the families of missing persons.

Missing in relation to the conflict

182 search and retrieval operations for human remains were carried out in the areas affected by the recent fighting in the presence of the ICRC as a neutral intermediary.

283 biological reference samples were collected from 118 families of missing persons from the 90s to facilitate future identification of human remains. 3 accompaniers provided psycho-social support to families of missing during the process.

67 families of missing persons were supported with cash assistance.

30 accompaniers continued providing remote psycho-social support to families of missing in relation to COVID and the 2020 escalation.

2 roundtables and 1 seminar on forensic identification was organized with relevant authorities in Baku.

Health care

26 ambulance staff operating in the areas affected by the conflict benefitted from first aid training.

109 students and teachers from 4 schools in Aghdam benefitted from first aid training. 127 community first aid bags were distributed to 4 schools in Aghdam district.

7 individuals benefitted from health referral and mission cost reimbursement.

13 staff from ANAMA benefitted from a first aid refresher training.

Cooperation with AzRCS

42 volunteers from 3 frontline district branches received Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement induction courses jointly delivered by ICRC and AzRCS staff.

29 AzRCS volunteers and staff members were trained in general training skills and now form part of the AzRCS trainers pool.

80 first aid kits and 5 first aid boxes distributed to branches of the AzRCS to ensure their operational continuity.

10 volunteers of the AzRCS participated in a training on risk awareness and safer behavior.


Detainees held in relation to the conflict were visited with the aim to facilitate the exchange of family news between detainees and their families, deliver basic assistance, and monitor. conditions of detention and treatment.

260 monthly phone cards were given to foreign detainees in various places of detention in order to call their families in their respective home countries and 287 assistance parcels were delivered to the most vulnerable detainees.

100 parcels with hygiene items were delivered to detainees held in places of detention under the Ministry of Justice.
More than 15 places of detention were visited to monitor conditions of detention, treatment and judicial guarantees. 20 probation officers participated in a training on international standards of probation.

17 heads of temporary detention facilities were trained on police ethics and international standards of arrest and detention.

Authorities and Academic circles

210 future defense counsels, candidates to the Azerbaijan Lawyers Bar Association were involved in online lectures on "Introduction to IHL" and "ICRC Activities".

25 law students of Baku State University integrated into its IHL course received 3 online lectures on specific topics of IHL.

17 students of 5 universities were involved in intensive IHL lectures (6 online lectures) and participated in the IHL Moot Court Competition for Azerbaijan.

Over 500 officers and cadets of the MoD participated in trainings related to IHL.

5 representatives of State authorities participated in regional ICRC events promoting IHL.