Azerbaijan: Rainfalls and showers to stop on 25 May

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Rainfalls started on 22 May have caused floods and freshets in mountainous rivers of Azerbaijan. The natural disaster has grown to a threatening scale in northern districts of Azerbaijan.

Mirzammed Hajiyev, assistant to head of executive authorities of Gusary district, said that Chilagir and Horay settlements were flooded. The commission for emergencies, headed by deputy head of district executive authorities are investigating the reasons caused natural disaster in mountainous areas.

Intensive rainfalls again have caused growth of water level in lowers of Kur river. So, Kur level grew by 15 cm in Salyan district. Coast reinforcement works are continuing along the river. Simultaneously, measures are taken to disinfect flooded areas. Similar works are carried out in Neftchala district, where water level grew by 10 cm, according to G.Mamedov, deputy head of the executive authorities. Local commission for emergencies reports that 290 houses were seriously damaged, including 3 fully destroyed, in Neftchala district.

Weather forecasts are that short-term rainfalls will continue until 25 May in northern districts of Azerbaijan. Heavy rainfalls and hail are possible in several places. Short term rainfalls are also expected in lowers of Kur river. In that area, rainfalls will cease on 25 May and air temperature will raise up to +27 +32 degrees during the following days. Baku and Absheron will not have rainfalls on 24-26 May.

Air temperature will reach +13 +18 at night time and +20 +25 at day time.

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