Azerbaijan Annual Appeal No. 05AA068 Programme Update No.1

Situation Report
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The International Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. The Federation is the world's largest humanitarian organization, and its millions of volunteers are active in over 181 countries.

In Brief

Appeal No. 05AA068; Programme Update no. 1; Period covered: 1 January to 31 May, 2005; Appeal target: CHF 1,032,138 (USD 809,811 or EUR 668,537); With this programme update the appeal budget is increased to CHF 1,177,010 (USD 916,000 or EUR 758,000) to reflect the changes to the plan of action.

Revised budget attached at end

Key financial and operational issues

Donor response to the appeal has been excellent. The income stands at CHF 1,353,764, which is 131 per cent of what was requested (see table below). Of this, CHF 512,979 was carried over from 2004 to support the continuation of the projects that started last year. CHF 40,000 arrived in February 2005 from the Federation's Capacity Building Fund. The Norwegian Red Cross allocated further CHF 611,652 in May 2005. This has been the largest contribution this year. The Republic of Korea Red Cross pledged additional CHF 78,590. The Finnish Red Cross granted CHF 79,350 to cover the salary of Federation representative in Azerbaijan.

Given the availability of extra funds, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent in consultation with the Federation delegation in Baku has expanded some of the planned activities. Specifically, by the end of 2005, the Red Crescent is undertaking to print more promotional materials under the humanitarian values programme. Thus, instead of originally planned 1,000 posters, the national society will produce 3,000 posters, 100 wall watches, 5,000 pens, 1,000 pencils and 1,000 T-shirts with the messages challenging discrimination. Within the HIV/AIDS project, the Red Crescent will hold two instead of originally planned one public campaign. The number of training sessions has been also increased from two to nine with the aim to reach 4,883 people, i.e., 333 people more than it was originally planned. More promotional materials will be produced under this project too to attract public attention to the growing problem of HIV/AIDS. Changes have been made to the branch development project as well. The project has been extended to one more branch in Zaqatala and will focus now on five instead of originally planned four branches. The appeal budget has been increased from CHF 1,032, 138 to CHF 1,177,010 to reflect the changes to the plan of action. The revised appeal budget is attached herein. The balance of CHF 167,692 will be transferred to 2006, as agreed with the partners. The table below shows the income and expenditure against the original appeal budget per each programme and project as of 31 May 2005.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

Elkhan Rahimov, executive secretary of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent, phone: 994 12 93 19 12; 994 12 93 84 81; fax: 994 12 93 15 78; email:

Pepe P.K. Salmela, head of Federation delegation in Azerbaijan, phone: 994 12 98 37 72; 994 12 98 16 7; fax: 994 12 98 55 01; email:

Carl Naucler, head of Federation regional delegation, Ankara, phone: 90 312 441 42 92; fax: 90 312 441 38 66; email:

Sylvie Chevalley, regional officer, Europe Department Federation Secretariat, Geneva, phone: 41 22 730 4276; fax: 41 22 733 03 95; email:

All international assistance to support vulnerable communities seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, according to the SPHERE Project. Please access the Federation's website at

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