Waters rising across northern Tasmania

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The Bureau of Meteorology has warned floodwaters will continue to rise throughout the day in the north of Tasmania.

Several roads have been closed in the Northern Midlands as rivers rise.

The middle reaches of the South Esk River remain in moderate flood and the river has peaked at Perth at 6.5 metres.

Northern Midlands Mayor Kim Polley says while there will be water across roads and flood plains, it will not be like last month's floods.

"It's much more predictable. Last time we had a flood it came at 1929 speed and 1969 height and that was in unchartered waters for Bureau of Meteorology modelling so therefore they had trouble in predicting and so did we," she said.

"But this time I think it's much more a standard sort of flood and taking it's time to get here."

Perth newsagent, Dennis Woods, says the community has been badly affected by floods.

"We've got a bit of damage where water is laying on the road. The Northern Midlands Council have quite a bit of work ahead of them from previous floods as well," he said.

Roads closed include the southern entrance to Ross, Royal George Road and Tooms Lake Road near Mount Morriston Bridge.

The key access routes of Woolmers Bridge and Westmore Bridge remain open.

The Weather Bureau has renewed a moderate flood warning for the South Esk River between Perth and Llewellyn but hydrologist, Matt Westbury says river heights might not be as high as those reached recently.

"It's certainly not as big as the floods we had a couple of weeks ago, on that scale," he said.

"But it is a moderate flood, so we can expect quite large areas of inundation."

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